That's us!

Ever since Ciblu was founded by computer scientist Christian Müller and business economist and tax accountant Thomas Blume in 2015, the company has steadily grown and now consists of 8 team members. Our headquarters are located in Lüdinghausen, Germany, where there is no limit to creativity.

As a team, we dedicated ourselves to developing customized Software; whatever the issue might be.

Since 2017, Stephan Gosebrink has completed our team of shareholders.

By the way, for anyone that is wondering how one pronounces our company’s name; it should sound something like this:


On behalf of the customer

We develop future-proof, customized solutions for our customers. As Full Stack Microsoft Software developers, we work with the latest Microsoft technologies as well as Windows Server and Office365.

Other than many other IT-companies, we are not specialized in a specific industry – quite the opposite, in fact: our customers are active in a wide range of industries, for example:

For a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, we developed an application for quality assurance of production processes. This includes, among other things, a mobile app that is used in the worldwide distributed production facilities.

For the second largest German equestrian association we have developed a software for all organizational matters. This includes, among other things, member management, accounting and tournament management with online interfaces to apps for iOS and Android, which we also developed.

A premium segment mail order company, which specialises in high-quality articles, uses a product range planning system that we developed for them individually.

Own products

We develop and market our own products. These products consistently follow our mindset SECURE – SAFE – FAST.